There are many forms of life on Planet OK. It's a small patch of rural England; a village in a river valley, flanked by long lines of chalk Downs (aka hills).

AJ - that's me - lone parent to K & O. 52 sometime too soon. Narrator, everybody's secretary, household banker, taxi driver and domestic slave. Was once a political philosopher; now domestic philosopher.

K - Female. Now 19 and away at university reading French alongside major in nightclubs. K is the primary Tiger. Was terrible teenage tiger (but much-loved nonetheless). Can argue for the universe and has memory that stretches into infinitely where argument concerned.

The Tigers - K's gaggle. Bathrooms and nightclubs are their lairs.

O - Male. 17. Alternating entertainer and hideous teenage torturer. Has no memory for anything except when it comes to arguing. Into debating (formalised arguing), weight training (arguing with iron), philosophy (dissecting academic arguments) and playing the tuba (a very loud argument).

Dogs - Our living. 46 teeth on 4 legs times several hundred. Some with gloriously batty owners.

The Village - Where we live. Arch conservative rural England and source of eternal laughter. Along with many friends.

Tescos - Where we shop, laugh and scream.

Others - Numerous. Friends, fiends, foes and family. Order variable. Read and you will meet.