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My debut novel PEOPLE DROWNING is now available on Amazon Kindle. Click here to buy it. Click here to take a look inside.

Who drowns? How? Why? Where? When?

Should Rosie stand by and watch as the younger, sexier and ruthlessly poisonous Heather ensnares and steals her jaded and overworked husband Tom? Or does she kill the cow - perhaps even literally? What happens next comes as a shocking surprise and lifts the lid on the can of worms that lurks beneath Rosie's outwardly blissful rural middle class marriage.

PEOPLE DROWNING tells Rosie's story.

PEOPLE DROWNING is a relationship drama tinged with crime. Or is it? Find out for yourself.

"In this can’t-put-it-down novel, author AJ Bealing’s powers of observation bring the characters to life and immerse the reader from cover to cover in the intriguing plot." - Michael Bland (writer and critic)

"I'm up to Chapter 4, loving this story.  Just had to tell you, the sun is shining outdoors but I'm hooked on Rosie and her brilliant boys and want to throttle Tom." - Carol Ann Lawry (writer)