April 5, 2012

PEOPLE DROWNING is now out there on Amazon Kindle for you to read, and there's more here on this website.

As I wrote People Drowning, the characters came to life and took over mine. They took turns at popping up from behind my laptop screen and they demanded to be heard. They danced around the rim of the bath, jumped up and down on my bed at night, and bounced about on the car bonnet when I was driving. Rosie came out running with me every day, and that is when she told me her story. On one embarrassing occasion, she reduced me to tears in the supermarket. Heather insisted on taking the train to London with me. She wound me up so much that my fellow passengers moved carriages to escape the evil looks that I inadvertantly directed at them.  Some days it felt as if the house was overflowing with children as Rosie's mingled with mine.

When I finished writing People Drowning, the world felt quite empty. It was as if I'd had a tribe of rowdy guests for a month and they'd all gone home. Running alone felt especially strange. There are still points in Rosie's run that take my breath away.  

"In this can’t-put-it-down novel, author AJ Bealing’s powers of observation bring the characters to life and immerse the reader from cover to cover in the intriguing plot." (Michael Bland, writer & critic)

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