GiffGaff or RiffRaff? Eternal Telephone Hell

April 22, 2012

Telephone Hell continues. Today is Day Ten. And I still have no functioning mobile service.

The Registered Office of GiffGaff - at the headquarters of O2 in Slough - claims to have no telephone contact number for GiffGaff and continues to deny any knowledge of owning GG.  The telephone number displayed on Google for GGs headquarters in Beaconsfield is disconnected. Resorted to calling the vicar at the church adjacent to GG. Vicar very kindly volunteered to visit GG with a message for them to call me. GG did not call. GG have not called at all.

On Thursday Vodafone gave me precise instructions for GG including exactly who at VF to contact. I passed the instructions on to GG. Now it is Sunday and GG have still not made contact with VF. GG have made no contact whatsoever with VF since the failed attempt to port my mobile number on Friday 13th.

Interestingly, in the Current Vacancies section of their website, GG state:  "giffgaff is something new. It's a mobile business owned by O2..." There appears to be a total breakdown in communication here. O2 deny any knowledge of owning GG, but GG are claiming to be owned by O2. How can anyone have any confidence in either company when the sole purpose of their existence is Communications and their internal communications are terminally flawed at the core?

The GG Current Vacancies spiel continues:  "...but run like a start-up business in a beautiful converted building. Our vibrant online community is key to our success. The idea is this: you do something for the business and we give you something back. Hence the name 'giffgaff', which is ye olde Scottish for mutual giving." The only form of 'giving' that I have so far received from GG is ten days of constant grief. And definitely nothing in the way of a functioning mobile phone service.

Curiosity combined with mounting fury drove me to delve deeper into the ownership of GG. Both GG and O2 are owned by Telefonica. So I located the Twitter address of JM Alvarez-Pallete, CEO of Telefonica Europe, and sent him a tweet. That was on Friday evening. Needless to say, I have not received a reply. JM A-P includes 'Marathon Runner' and 'Think Big' on his Twitter profile. Perhaps he is too busy running marathons and thinking big to bother with anything as trivial as a thoroughly dissatisfied customer... though he has managed to find the time to send several dozen tweets since receiving mine.

According to their website, GG are recruiting many staff at the moment. They would like their new 'Community Educator' to have the "ability to make a good cup of tea or coffee". Is this the clue as to why GG continue not to supply me with a mobile service? Because they are too busy sitting around in their "beautifully converted building" drinking tea?  

Perhaps I should apply for a job at GG. With no technical skills but a great appreciation for beautifully converted buildings and an infinite capacity to drink tea and coffee, I should be ideally suited. And I could do a superb job of rebranding the company from GiffGaff to RiffRaff. 

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Hello, I feel for you and your problem with giffgaff.

I'm having trouble with a refund from them and I'm wondering have you managed to get your problem sorted?

Any advice on who to contact would be nice.