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A flattened mohican & canine dementia

After weeks of glorious warm sunshine, Easter inevitably arrived on the North wind.

And O was off to Lake District for DofE survival hike for a week. He has lost 4 waterproofs and a ski jacket since Christmas.

‘You could have borrowed mine if you hadn’t lost that,’ I told him sarcastically.

‘I could have borrowed T’s or J’s if I hadn’t lost theirs,’ he replied without a hint of sarcasm.

He then borrowed another one from some other poor boy. Leaving me to just add up the £s. Which added to £££s with arctic sleeping bag, mega-backpack and most of a supermarket … 

K came home for Easter. Home in the generic sense. She was mostly out partying with all other tigers ‘Home for Easter’. Only tiger parents are properly at home – by phone playing switchboard operators for tiger taxi service. A dry Easter  has nothing to do with precipitation.
O needed a new passport. After several lost forms and another couple that drowned under soggy gym kit, we advanced to the photo stage. Much coiffing was first required. With hair styled into a substantial curved and curled Mohican, O stepped confidently into the photo booth. Only to emerge a few seconds later because his head was too big for the frame. The new passport will contain a picture of O with a flattened Mohican. He would have preferred to part with neck and chin.  

“Canine dementia can now be diagnosed and treated, with the prospect of a cure or greatly improved health, thanks to imaging technology, better drugs, new surgical techniques and holistic approaches like acupuncture.” 

This is the claim of a specialist veterinary hospital in California. So that is where one poor mangy mutt (15, deaf, incontinent, arthritic …) is being taken next week. ‘They have a Proper crematorium with a Beautiful pet chapel too,’ the lunatic owner added with peculiar pride and failure to observe that this is hardly a statement of their faith in the treatment. Thought better of asking whether she had bought a one-way or return ticket for the dog.


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