AJ writes ...

She writes here, there and everywhere.

AJ writes about people. She writes in the spaces that people leave. Until now the people have left few spaces so she has written only to entertain her friends. Now her daughter has departed to university and her son is holed up in his room, the spaces are bigger and the people fewer.

AJ has been a single parent to K and O for two decades. She runs a small business to keep the wolves at bay. She runs to escape insanity. She reads fiction to reassure herself that there are others madder than she, and she reads philosophy to eliminate any doubt that dare to creep in.  AJ loves music (old) and art (new). To entertain herself, she travels, takes photographs and applies paint to all receptive surfaces.

You can dip into AJ's writing via the links on the right. See Planet OK  for her quirky life with K & O.  Her first full length novel, PEOPLE DROWNING, is available now on Amazon Kindle. To buy PEOPLE DROWNING Click here or to take a look inside Click here.